Swansfield Mini Water Park

We checked out a new local pool today.  Swansfield Mini Water Park is on the other side of Columbia from us, but worth the drive.  It was moderately shady and had nice facilities and snack bar.  For kids Ellie’s age there was a splash pad and the kiddie pool.  Also, there was a tot lot playground just outside the pool area.  We did all three.  Ellie really enjoyed herself there and I enjoyed staying wet and cool.  When she gets older, the big pool has a big tunnel slide and a diving board, so that should be fun, too.  Note to self for future reference, though…don’t come without a friend.  It was way too difficult to get Ellie to go with me to the restroom AND carry our two bags of stuff. If a friend had come with me, I could have just run in by myself, which would have been MUCH easier.













There’s also a a bigger play ground there for ages 5-12 (or Ellie on a different day), swings, and a sand box.  Ellie enjoyed the swings and sandbox that day, too.  We’ll definitely be back!

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  1. Janelle@domesticallyseasoned June 13, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    can’t you just pee in the pool like all the other kids do? JK Looks like a load of fun. If only it would stop raining here.

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