Trip to Sesame Place in PA

My parents and I took Ellie on her first trip to Sesame Place! Since she can’t last a whole day, we waited until after 3pm and got a significant “twilight” discount  ($35/person instead of $60) and since she’s still under 2, she was free. (It was also $15 just to park.) So, not a cheap place to visit, but very fun with a lot of attractions that are great for smaller kids as much as bigger kids.

Things didn’t initially go as planned. We made her skip a morning nap, hoping for an earlier afternoon nap, to end in time for getting there by 3. But, that backfired when she refused to take a nap at all. She fell asleep on the way there, of course. We got her into the stroller without her waking up and we even watched the 3pm parade (very loud) without her waking.



We finally woke her at 3:30 to enter the Elmo show. She was very confused about where she was and didn’t enjoy it as much as we had hoped. (FYI, if you go to one of these shows late in the day…beware the crowd’s body odor!)


Next, we took her over to a bouncy toddler area with padded blocks to play with to allow her to wake up a bit before throwing something too new at her.  She really enjoyed trying to stack the blocks.



Next up, she tried some amusement rides with her grandma (they wouldn’t me on the ride due to pregnancy). She’s done a carousel before, so these were a step up from those.  They circled around but also went high in the air.  She enjoyed them.



Her FAVORITE part of the afternoon was in the water park section.  Once she was in her swim suit, she was in her element.  She particularly enjoyed the Ernie’s Waterworks and the Count’s Splash Castle.  Wish we had more pictures in the water section, but I couldn’t keep my phone on me to do so. I liked that they had a lot available to very small kids and had life jackets available for things like water slides and the lazy river ride.

Lastly, we got changed back into street clothes and headed down to see the 7pm Sesame Street parade.  This time Ellie was awake and she fully enjoyed it.







Definitely worth going to, if you child isn’t too afraid of rides or water attractions.  We’ll definitely be back someday.


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  1. Rebecca June 11, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    Ok! Your backstory explains the pictures, I saw of her earlier, of her watching the parade. I thought that the poor girl sweated all day because of her wet hair! Silly me, I know you would never do that! Sounds like it was a blast, and maybe a special place for Connor to visit when the OH gang comes to town!

    • Kate June 11, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

      Hahaha. Yes, busy day of “splish-splash” as Ellie would say. I’m sure Connor would LOVE it. :)

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