Sesame St. Themed Birthday Planning – Party Outfit Part One (Cookie Monster Applique Shirt)

Ellie loves the Sesame Street character toys she has, so I decided on using it as the theme for her upcoming first birthday. (Yes, I know I’m a few months early; sue me.)  In particular, she just LOVES it when the cookie monster goes “Cookie…yum yum yum yum”.  At first I was looking to buy her a special birthday outfit from a shop on ETSY, but then I got to thinking “Dang that’s a lot of money!  I could probably do something myself if I put my thinking cap on…”  And, off I went!

First I hit up the two nearby Goodwill stores for some Sesame Street kids shirts.  Didn’t find a single one.  Poo!  So, instead I picked out a small plain red shirt and decided I could do some applique with felt.  Off to Joann’s for felt!

  • Red shirt = $1.25
  • One sheet each of royal blue, black, white, cookie colored, and brown felt = $0.35 each
  • Pair of striped leggings I ended up also using = $0.63
  • Blue string (free and found in some of my sewing bins)

My first step was to cut out pieces and lay them out until I was happy with it.  It took some googling and some trial and error.

Then, I started sewing down each part starting on the lowest level of felt.  Then only difficult part of this was that I had to keep changing the color of thread and load up some more bobbins.

At first I was pretty happy with the result.  But, the more I looked at it, the more I was afraid it was too boyish (something I am OFTEN being accused of).  I also thought it was a little big for her.  So, next enters the rotary cutter and striped leggings to the rescue!

I used my straightedge and cut off an inch from each side:

Then, lopped off the top.  Yes, I’m crazy like that.

I used my serger to reattach the two sides.

This is when it gets crazy…

I ripped up the leggings I bought.  I attached the waistband to the top of the shirt.  Another section at the bottom, and a few more sections for the straps.  Then, added a couple bows with some blue string I had floating around.  Sorry, I didn’t take more pictures.  I had no idea what I was doing or how it would work, so I was really just playing around for a while.

End result:

This was just phase one of the birthday outfit.  Be on the lookout for related posts for:

Stay tuned!

What have been your favorite kid’s birthday party themes?



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3 Responses to Sesame St. Themed Birthday Planning – Party Outfit Part One (Cookie Monster Applique Shirt)

  1. Tressa June 6, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    I did a lady bug theme for Kinsley’s first birthday. I bought her outfit since I’m not as handy as you (plus I don’t have a sewing machine). I made her cake though! I bought a 6-petal flower pan from Michael’s and made each petal into a ladybug. It called for fondont so I got to play with that for the first time which was kinda fun.

    For Zoe’s third birthday I made a 3-D Thomas the train cake. It was a pound cake so it was heavier. I covered it with M&Ms to make it look like Thomas and I cut out a face that I had printed off from the web. I made a sheet cake with regular cake (mistake!!), made grass and a train track made of Kit Kats but when I went to put the heavy Thomas onto the track, it started sinking. Should have made the sheet cake a pound cake!

    I’ve already started thinking about what to do next year and it’s still more than half a year away! I love making my kids’ birthday cakes!

    • Kate June 8, 2012 at 11:11 am #

      I’m thinking I want to make Cookie monster or Elmo cupcakes. I’ve seen some on Pinterest, but I’m not really sure if I could pull them off… Always worth a shot, right?! :)

      • Tressa June 8, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

        If you can make that outfit, I’m sure your cupcakes will turn out awesome! As long as you have fun doing it and your daughter thinks they are great, that’s all that matters…even if they are a bit deformed:)

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